1. I come to your home during early labor.

  2. I check maternal vital signs and fetal heart tones with a doppler on a regular basis.

  3. I can perform periodic vaginal exams for fetal position, presentation, station, effacement, and dilation.

  4. I will observe the progress of your labor.

  5. I will discuss the need for my presence with you and your partner as your monitrice (professional labor support). If I determine that early labor will probably continue for many hours, you might prefer to get as much rest as you can by yourselves, in which case the I will leave and check on things periodically.

  6. I can remain present during the more active phases of labor and through delivery. If delivering in the hospital I can be your doula but will only be providing labor support and no clinical duties.

  7. I will recommend measures which can help alleviate pain in specific situations.


I will help you determine when it’s time to leave for the hospital. You’re much less likely to leave prematurely, either to be sent back home or to extend your hospital stay and thereby increase the probability of medical intervention.

The monitrice remains in the labor and delivery room through the early postpartum period as a doula if requested.  A monitrice may also be hired just for the hours laboring at home.

Laboring at home significantly increases your chances of a normal vaginal birth when admitted to the hospital in the later stages of labor.