Lactation Consulting


Lactation Services In Your Home or My Office

*Breast pump rental and sales

*General Breastfeeding Education

*Weighing baby to track weight gain and exactly how many ounces your baby is getting per feeding (requires you to weigh before and after feeding).

*Troubleshooting problems such as “baby won’t latch”, “I supplemented in the hospital and now my baby doesn’t want the breast”, and many other easily solved but commonly presented problems.  Other more serious issues such as milk supply issues, nipple pain, and poor latch can also be easily solved.

*Breastfeeding supplies, nipple shields (with demonstration for proper use only), supplemental breast systems available.

General Education and troubleshooting are $50 per hour.  Baby weighing and milk estimation is free with education/troubleshooting or $20 per visit alone.

I do not currently bill insurance companies  but most insurance companies will reimburse you.  If you need breastfeeding help but can not afford a lactation counselor PLEASE email me at  There are many options to help you along your way!  We can help.