1. A doula is woman trained and experienced in childbirth.  A doula provides physical, emotional and informational support to the expectant mother and her partner during labor, delivery and in the postpartum period.  I also help establish breastfeeding in the early hours.

Studies prove that having a doula present at birth, a woman’s labors are shorter, they have fewer medical interventions, fewer cesareans and healthier babies.  Evidence also suggests that women are more satisfied with their birth experience when a doula is present and fathers stay more involved with their partner and baby.


Research indicates that having a doula can:

  1. Decrease in C-sections rates by 50%

  2. Decrease in labor length by 25%

  3. Decrease in pitocin use by 40%

  4. Decrease in requests for pain meds by 30%

  5. Decrease in forcepts use by 40%

  6. Decrease in use of epidurals by 60%

         As your doula, I will accompany you to your 36 week OB appointment (if delivering in hospital) and be present when you are having regular contractions every 5 minutes and lasting 1 minute.  I will meet you at your home and we can go to the hospital together if you would like.

         If I am also your monitrice I will already be in your home and ready to head to the hospital with you.