Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades

It is extremely important that if you are experiencing pain that is consistent regardless of your body movements, you should seek immediate attention of a doctor. Sometimes heart or stomach issues can present with back pain as one of the symptoms. A myriad of issues can cause back pain pain in center of shoulder blades. It is very important when you are experiencing back pain between shoulder blades to determine if your pain is being caused by issues involving your muscles, joints, or organs. Once you have determined which of these the cause of your pain is, you will be able to take a course of action.


Improve Your Posture:

If you believe that your pain is muscle-related, start by improving your posture. Focus on sitting, or standing up, straight. Pull the shoulders back and push out your chest. While breathing with your abdomen, take in deep breaths to help you relax. Change your position frequently, and make time to get up to walk around a bit. At work, check with your human resources department to see if there are an alternative, ergonomic chairs that can be ordered.

If you are feeling a dull muscle ache near your spinal cord, it is possible that knot in your muscle could cause this. Many times these knots can be felt by yourself or anyone else that you ask to examine your back. We frequently see knots develop in backs of people that spend a great deal of time hunched over, such as those who work behind a desk on a computer all day. Sometimes over-exerting yourself at the gym can also result in this type of condition, as can injure yourself when you were younger and developing issues later in life.

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Joint involvement is usually signified by a sharp pain and may be brought on or worsened by taking in a deep breath. It’s difficult to tell what caused the joint issue most of the time, though it could be simple things like a hard sneeze or sleeping wrong. Joints located between your sternum, spine, or ribs could be at blame. They will cause pain if they are not able to move freely by putting pressure on other muscles and joints nearby. Sometimes stretching or exercising will help to loosen the joint again. Often you will feel the joint pop or loosing, and the pain will immediately subside. This is a sure indicator that the pain you were experiencing was joint related.

Chiropractic Care Denver

In most cases, back pain between shoulder blades is caused by these two issues. Obviously, more serious pain or pain involving your internal organs requires medical attention. Many times, pain that you are unable to believe can be resolved with just one or two visits to a chiropractor. A chiropractor should be able to diagnose the source of your pain and will provide treatment if the pain is related to the muscular, skeletal system. If it is related to internal organs, you will most likely be referred to a medical doctor.

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